Building SCI Capacity

We are committed to assisting the development of SIRC to contemporary international standards as the core of a Nepalese Spinal Care system/network.

Components of the system will include not only the best possible clinical management of newly-injured people in  acute care, rehabilitation and long-term follow-up, but also collection and analysis of relevant epidemiological data and development of injury prevention strategies. SIRC participated with other Asian centres in the ‘IDAPP’ pilot project to establish a data base for select Asian Spinal Cord Network members, and continues to work collaboratively with other regional centres.

To achieve these goals, we have supported:

  • Access to relevant (spine and spinal cord) specialty training for young Nepali physicians
  • Workshops to expand the capacity of the acute and rehabilitation phases of care, and enhance the clinical skills of those participating
  • Improvements to the SIRC, for example: in-house education for professional and administrative staff, and support for indigent patient care
  • Consultation with the Board and staff of SIRC to support the evolution of a nation-wide network of care for people with injured and diseased spines and/or spinal cords.
  • The organizational and sustainable development of SIRC through inputs from experienced Canadian management and organizational development professionals.
  • Support depending on resources for the Spinal Cord Injury Network, an affiliated program in Kathmandu providing support for school-aged children with spinal cord injuries.