Why are we helping?

  • people in Nepal who suffer from spinal cord injury need and deserve the same care and rehabilitation we, in Canada, are so privileged to receive
  • without such care and rehabilitation, their injury may result in death or plunge them into a chaotic vortex of unrelenting pain and poverty
  • the vicissitudes visited upon their families may also be unendurable
  • given the specialized knowledge and skills our small cadre of volunteers possess, we know we can make a meaningful difference

Our objectives, working with our Nepalese colleagues and global partners, are to:

  • establish contemporary international standards of spinal care at SIRC
  • create a sustainable system of care in order to reduce the incidence of spinal cord injury and improve the quality of life for patients in need of such care
  • develop SIRC as the core of a Nepalese spinal care system and network
  • fund the education, and participate in the training, of Nepalese doctors devoted to specializing in the care of spinal cord injury

Staff and Board members of the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre near Kathmandu, Nepal