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You may have met some of the people we list below as you read our other pages. If you want to dig deeper, here in no particular order are some viewing and reading suggestions:

Here is an article about SpiNepal from the Canadian Orthopaedic Association Bulletin:

For a perspective on the Nepal situation facing people with spinal cord injury, spend time with Development Media Workshop’s excellent 20-minute video “Nepal – disability and development” featuring Lakshmi and Anita, former patients at SIRC. This movie from Michael Brown (now of Marginal Voices) can currently be found by opening this link in another window:

Ram Bahadur Tamang is a valued peer counsellor and member of the SIRC staff. He is also a long-distance wheelchair athlete and musician who sings a ballad describing his own path as a cord-injured person, now available with English subtitles:



Livability has supported the development of several spinal injury units in Asia, including SIRC. They got us involved in working with SIRC in Nepal. Former Director Stephen Muldoon provides his perspective in a short interview here.

Psychologist Dr Stanley Ducharme (right, with SIRC director Esha Thapa at the tenth anniversary celebrations) has worked closely with SIRC for several years training staff about the psychological issues affecting people with disability with a particular interest in how sex is influenced by disability. He has also worked with the Asian Spinal Cord Network to develop peer counsellor guidelines. For his website click here.

Nepal, long without a formal emergency ambulance service, is now developing an ambulance initiative, the Nepal Ambulance Service. An outline of this service (with which we have no experience) can be found here.

The Centre for Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed in Bangladesh has been a close and more experienced cousin to SIRC; you can find their web site here.

The Asian Spinal Cord Network (ASCoN – here) is an affiliate of the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS here). You may access their educational material through these sites.

Dr Claes Hultling has been a valued and inspirational colleague. He has been the Medical Director for some years of the renowned Spinalis clinic in Stockholm but has in addition over the last several years been working in several African countries to assist them in developing Spinal Injury Units. If you have time to learn more about Claes and his work, watch the trailer for the made-for-Swedish-TV film “Africa – with a broken neck”. Better still, watch the whole film!

TRAILER: Africa with a broken neck from Folke Rydén Production on Vimeo.

To watch the full movie, click here,


The Spinal Cord Injury Network Nepal is a relatively new initiative with a specific goal to provide support and accommodation for children with SCI who have not completed their education and need residential help with access to education.

SpiNepal friend Kate Coffey previously held a fundraiser to direct funds to them.


We received from SIRC links to this video from the World Health Organisation regarding the role of rehabilitation after major disasters. Not surprisingly, SIRC features quite prominently in this, beginning with the opening scene shot soon after the earthquake.



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