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Ongoing needs in 2023:


SpiNepal continues to be needed. There are a number of projects that will need our support into the near future and we could not do this without our supporters.

Our major expense this year was large but unique. This was the (Canadian dollar) stipend, professional and travel expenses for Prakash’s Canadian spine surgery fellowship. The original plan to obtain a training grant from a major Spine foundation fell through as they suspended their fellowship support program indefinitely during the time of the pandemic. He could not afford to defer his program start. This severely reduced our financial balance and we especially thank those of you who made this large cost manageable. Once again, we’re hoping that you will consider making a donation. Here are some of the amounts that our Canadian dollars have bought or will buy and we invite you to tell us where you’d prefer your donation to be spent.

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC) staff continuing medical education

  • $500 bought a good surgical headlight for Prakash to use when operating. (Our colleagues in London bought him surgical loupes.)
  • $1000 pays most of the expenses for a staff member to attend a regional conference. Raju attended a ‘Training the trainers’ course as part of October’s annual meeting of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine, followed in New Delhi at the annual meeting of the World Health Organisation Regional Committee for South-East Asia as the representative of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (who paid most of the expenses).
  • $1400 paid the fare for Prakash’s flight home.

Nepal Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation project ‘extras’

  • While we believe that our NPMR program is generally well budgeted, we will need additional amounts for contingencies

SIRC patient care – Earthquakes and more. The November 3 Jajarkot earthquake in Western Nepal caused severe local damage and an estimated 154 deaths. The number of injuries is at least 375 and we are aware of several people with spinal cord injuries. More information here:

  • $32 provides inpatient interdisciplinary care of a spinal cord patient for a day.
  • $3400 covers the full average 80 day rehab program at SIRC for an indigent person with paraplegia, including mobility aids and food.


Spinal Cord Injury Network – the children’s hostel where kids with SCI stay as they complete their schooling

  • $135 covers the cost per month for a young student with SCI to live in their hostel in the Jorpati district of Kathmandu and attend school, including all expenses.

What it does not cover – our costs of travelling to Nepal. That is our responsibility.

You can donate online by following this  “Donate Now” link – or at the top of this page

Many thanks for your generosity, and best wishes for the holiday season

There’s a lot we look forward to as we move from 2023 to 2024 as we continue to work together to provide hope to people in Nepal with spinal cord injury.

Dhanyabād (thank you) and Happy Holidays!!

Peter Wing and Claire Weeks